Amber McCrackin
Name: Yuliya Silin
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Thunder Bay, USA
Age: 16
Aliases: Yuli, That damn thief, that unlucky girl
Origin: Cursed item
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Guardians Of Prometheus
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Cursed item
Portrayed by: Amber McCrackin

Tricked into wearing a cursed collar while being a henchman-in-training in training to a Super Villain known as the Relic Seeker, which she can't take off.

IC Events


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(2016-12-24) Christmas Nutcracker
Christmas Nutcracker Summary: Bandit and Cataclysm mess up, while fighting crime Date: IC Date...

(2016-12-01) Worst. Superheroes. EVAR.
Worst. Superheroes. EVAR! Summary: Yuliya and Dianli, as Bandit and Cataclysm FIGHT CRIME! ...

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