Paul Craddock (2016 - August 2017) Lucky Blue Smith (Current)
Name: Whitley King
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: (REDACTED)
Age: 16
Aliases: White
Origin: Puberty
Grade: Junior
Team: Ares
Dating: Nope
Powers and Abilities: Phasing, Combat, Telekinesis, and Telepathy
Portrayed by: Paul Craddock (2016 - August 2017) Lucky Blue Smith (Current)

“We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.”
― Andre Berthiaume


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(2017-12-12) Baby, It's Cold Outside
Baby, It's Cold Outside Summary: Besa is feeling guilty for his part in the raptor attack, and...

(2017-11-02) We Fight
We Fight Summary: Somethings don't change Date: 2017-11-02 Related: any log where Kaylee...

(2017-10-29) Wish
Wish Summary: Besa returns to school. Whitley tries to make any sense of it. Date: 2017-10-29 ...

(2017-03-18) Blood Stains
Blood Stains Summary: Whitley returns to his dorm with news. Date: IC Date (2017-03-18) ...

(2017-03-16) Everything is too much
Everything is too much. Summary: Everything is too much. That doesn't stop everyone from trying....

(2017-03-15) Answers from another Besa
Answers from another Besa Summary: Besa finally finds the right Rune to gather info for the...

(2017-02-25) Late Night Equations
Late Night Equations Summary: Math! Date: IC Date (2017-02-25) Related: Related Logs (Say...

(2017-02-24) Alternative Plans
Alternative Plans Summary: Whitley and Sky talk about Alt-Schuyler and how to get rid of him. ...

(2017-02-17) Calculations and Cogitations
Calculations and Cogitations Summary: A little chat in the library Date: 2017-02-17 Related:...

(2017-01-25) Lunch
Lunch Summary: The twins and Whitley talk over lunch Date: IC Date (2016-01-25) Related:...

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