Victoria Masters
White Witch
Tilda Swinton
Name: Victoria Masters
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Venice, Italy
Age: 39
Aliases: Known Aliases
Origin: Study
Grade: Alumna
Team: Athena
Dating: Ashby Masters (Husband)
Powers and Abilities: Magic
Portrayed by: Tilda Swinton

Born in Venice Italy, Victoria Maestroianni was the Third Daughter of a Third Daughter of a Third Daughter in a family known to harbor witches and mages in their bloodline. From a young age, Victoria knew that this would be her destiny and she embraced it. When the family moved to Salem, Massachusetts when she was thirteen years old, they learned of a new school opening that would help train such gifted young people as herself. With some urging, she was finally allowed to be a member of the inaugural class.

It was at that school where she met Ashby Masters, another member of the inaugural class, who, despite their tempestuous relationship through all 4 years of school, were married in 1998 and she was welcomed and well-received into the quirky Masters Family.

They welcomed their first child a year later, a son. Then came the twins in 2002. There are three younger children as well in the family. The eldest son is currently a student at Coral Springs and the Twins will enter the class of 2021.

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