Warren Elucar
Peter Facinelli
Name: Warren Elucar
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Hollow Earth
Age: 38
Aliases: Doctor Elucar
Origin: Birth & Experiment
Grade: N/A
Team: {$team}
Dating: Marena Elucar
Powers and Abilities: Psychic, Super Intelligence, genetic manipulation.
Portrayed by: Peter Facinelli

One of the founders of The Aion Institute. A recepient of the Nobel prize in physiology and medicine, along with his wife. Royalty from Hollow Earth and currently extremely rich and famous in the world of science. One of the leading men of evolution and technological advancements. His own focus is in genetics, specifically the development and study of powers. Also the patriach of the Elucar family.

Other than this he also has powers, making him known as Genome.
Able to change genetic make-up. Mainly to speed up or change evolution. Having genetic vision. All senses being enhanced, Able to reverse or speed up some evolution. Such as regrow tails and so forth. Weakness being that he has no control of what he does to the thing.

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