Jhulia Pimentel
Name: Vanessa Silveira
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Place of Birth
Age: 16
Aliases: Nessa
Origin: TBD
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Ares
Dating: N/A
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities: TBD
Portrayed by: Jhulia Pimentel

Due to the nature of Vanessa's powers she was in private, isolated, tutorship with a magi specialized in demonic presences. After she had five demons siphoned it was clear that she took more than their power. With their personality and much of their strength, poor Vanessa had to deal with the demonic urges and willingness to do horrible things to other people. With training, and control, Vanessa was able to develop her own willpower and even more so her sense of self. That was key, learning to isolate what was Vanessa and what was demon.

By the end of the three years of isolation, she knew far more about her own powers. Demons were especially targetable by her but so could any other extraplanar being or item be targeted. An ancient magical artifact or a being from another dimension linked to magical planes, she could utilize the same abilities. She no longer needed materials to draw runes or wards she could even draw them in the air in defensive motions if she needed but more importantly she could burn the ground with hellfire.

She's still a 16 year old girl, powered by urges and evil desires that no teenager ought to have to deal with. And yet, she's able to live her day to day life. Once that was finally true they shipped her out of isolation and back into society, well, a society, at Coral Springs High School. Her and her demons were shipped off and warnings came right along with her.

IC Events

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