Jeremy Sumpter
Name: Trevor Blomgren
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: California
Age: 17
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Half-Dryad
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Metis
Dating: N/A
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities: Plant control, Photosynthesis
Portrayed by: Jeremy Sumpter

Trevor's mother is a Dryad — a tree nymph — that lived inside a tree in a state park in California. Now, legends say that Dryads are women who are so beautiful that they can hypnotize men with their beauty… that they keep these men captive in or near their trees, fascinating them until they can no longer care for themselves, and then allowing them to die. This isn't really true for all of them, though.

The one who would give birth to Trevor merely disguised herself as someone who lived in the forests when she found someone she fancied, and then disappeared when she no longer found them fun. While Dryads may not ALL be man-eating monsters, it is true that Trevor's future mother has always impulsive, following her wants of the moment. When she found a handsome human male camping near her tree, well… she let nature take its course. It was just a fling, and the two parted on good terms when his camping trip was over. And several months later, a halfling baby boy resulted from it.

Being too capricious to care for a half-human baby, but not wanting the boy to die, she took the boy to a ranger station, claiming to have found the baby in the forest. Though she left before she could be questioned, leading the park rangers to believe that she WAS the child's mother. But no attempt to locate her was ever successful.

With nothing else to do, the child was given to the state, and placed in an orphanage. It didn't take him long to get adopted — babies tend to go quickly. But the odd greenish tinge of his skin and hair was always an oddity. And… didn't all babies have blue eyes? This one had green. His new parents, James and Laura Blomgren, decided that as long as he was healthy — and nothing seemed to indicate he wasn't — that it was all right. They named him Trevor.

IC Events

02-27-2018: Trevor arrives at Coral Springs.




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