Thunder Head High

Golova Groma Federal School

Located in the Kabardino-Balkaria district of Russia, this school is dedicated to those with super abilities. On the tallest of the Caucasus mountains, this school is in one of the least populated districts (federal subjects) of western Russia, on continental Europe, just west of the Black Sea and north of the country of Georgia, a formerly disputed area. Much like the few schools around the world dedicated to super heroes, it is based on a team training environment. Where as most others schools have four or more teams of students, the selective admission process of the Russian school leaves limited seats and only enough room for three such teams. The name literally means Thunder Head, like the cloud type, associated with the idea of being a storm cloud in the sky from its perch atop Koshtan-Tau, one of Russia's tallest mountains.


The three teams are the Jarillo Compact, the Conclave of Morana , and the Husk of Zorya.

Jariloo Compact espouses Duty and Honor.

The Conclave of Morana supports Clarity of Mind and Free Will.

The Husk of Zorya considers Balance and Justice.

Suspected Members

  • Coldsnap (F) - Believed to be in her late teens, weather manipulation, ice manipulation.
  • Snowbeast (M?) - Creature made of ice and snow.
  • Negotiator (M?) - Telepath, Mental Suggestion.
  • Meteor (M) - Unknown?
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