Theodore "Theo" Aguchi
Dane Dehaan
Name: Theodore Aguchi
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: New York City
Age: 15
Aliases: Theo
Origin: Astral Accident
Grade: Freshman
Team: Prometheus
Dating: Not Available
Powers and Abilities: Astral Spiders
Portrayed by: Dane Dehaan

Theo was born the result of a fling that his mother Michelle had with an up-and-coming musician she met in her teens. The two weren't really in love, and when Michelle expressed a desire to keep the child, the musician flew the coop quick. Michelle's family was a well-to-do one, though, and would never have let her keep the child. Or if they did, they'd make her marry the first man who could keep a respectable facade. So she struck out on her own at 16 to raise her child herself.

Theo's life was hard, but it wasn't terribly unpleasant. Michelle worked hard to provide for her son, and managed reasonably well. Things picked up when Theo was ten. Michelle met someone else — her love of music bug bit again, and she started seeing Yoshiro Aguchi, a classical violinist from Japan. There wasn't really a transition period for Theo; he'd learned to accept things as they happened. Besides that, Theo and Yoshiro seemed to get along well. So Michelle and Yoshiro for got married, and Theo's chose to take his stepfather's name.

IC Events

04 Dec 2017: Theo arrives at Winbarry Estate, the new home of the Coral Springs High School.



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