The Masters Family
The Masters Family
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The Masters Family can trace their ancestry back to the Norman invasion of England. Perhaps their idea of The Quest even began then, but from the beginning, all Masters were special. They all had powers of some sort, to varying degrees, which were obtained during their Quest.

Over the centuries, Masters have spread out all over the world, but in the last hundred or so years, more and more have refused to follow the family rules and have been cut loose, making the family a much more tightly-knit group.

Some have gone the Villain route, some have gone the Hero route, but some just do what they want to do. However, all live by one creed: Familia Supria Omnes.

Family Above All.

Family gatherings and events are always well attended with the unspoken agreement that everyone will behave appropriately. No attacks on family members, no harming family members. Some get along great at those times even if they're enemies the rest of the time. We look after each other.

The Addams Family has nothing on the American branch of the family when it comes to weirdness.

Family Members

Grandma Lucy - Speaks mostly in riddles. No one is sure how old she is, she looks to be in her 90's but it is suspected she is much, much older.
Ashby Masters
Victoria Masters (Maestroianni)
Conner Masters (10/18/2000)
Schuyler Masters (4/28/2002)
Ranier Masters (4/28/2002)
Daniel Masters (2007)
Isabella Masters (2010)
Circe Masters (3/14/2017)

Besa In'herit (6/9/2002)

Maternal Cousin
Aviva Maestroianni

IC Events

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