The school is divided up into four teams for the purposes of helping the students learn to control their powers together. Each school doesn't support a certain type of super (ie all bricks), but rather a philosophy and any type of super can become a member. Usually in the first month of classes, freshman are picked by the team captain's and the house faculty representatives. Same for transfer students.

Athenian League

The Athenian League is the first team of students to form, considered the first class of Coral Springs High. They espose the ideas of courage, justice and discipline. It is their valor and honor to be heroes, to use their abilities for justice and liberty.

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Order of Ares

The Order of Ares believes in the work they are doing, but they do not believe in waiting so much as moving to action to accomplish what needs to be done. Unlike some of the others, they believe one must act no matter the cost. Even, in some cases, despite laws and treaties and international politics. Their lot is full of rebels and thrill seekers.

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Consortium of Metis

Unlike the others, the Consortium of Metis rather thinks change can come about through careful planning and subterfuge. In their own way, a group of free radical thinkers, they can be viewed as somewhat rebelious in nature. Often times it seems they have their own agenda. They value cunning and intelligence.

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Guardians of Prometheus

The Guardians of Prometheus do not place themselves above humankind, but rather as servants to humans. Much as Prometheus went against his fellow deities to assist the humans, the Guardians are humanitarian and believe in self sacrifice for the greater good of mankind.

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