City Center

Formally the city of Warwick, this is now the center of Thundar Bay. The newest civil buildings are located here. A rush of support for the city lead to large global enterprises buying space and raising up buildings as quickly as they could in Providence. While some of the large pieces of its former sky line remain intact, there is a growth of new late 20th century skyscrapers that have risen to dominate the new skyline here. Complete with various neon tops to light the skyline, competing for attention of observers both on the ground and up above.

Old Town

This was the area that was Mostly Providence, a small section on the east end is classified under University Square at this time. Old Town was built again in an attempt to preserve the charm of Providence as much as possible. It includes old Down Town as well as the tourist destination and city life location of the Jewelry District.

Castle Falls

Castle Falls

University Square

From former Brown University to East Providence, this area has become known as University Square. Home of Brown University, a traditional university on the new England coast, it now includes the rebuilt Naval War Academy (formerly in Newport, destroyed during the Battle of Thunder Bay) as well as the relocated University of Rhode Island, and the newest additional to these traditional, historical schools, the Rhode Island School of Technology, Advanced Space Studies, and Super Human Affairs.

Pier Ward

The area of Middleton and Newport was completely destroyed. It has been built up as a shipping industry center, but is also home to a sprawl of lower class neighborhoods. The residents include a mixed nationality/heavy immigration influence of workers come to help during the rebuilding of the city. Formally a location with a rich tradition, it was completely destroyed and the last to be rebuilt. With a growing population of immigrants that came for the work during the rebuilding, it simply arose as a low class area. Intermingled are a few of the former mansions that escaped the destruction. Including the Breakers, a late surviving Victorian mansion that new serves as a low income hospital. This leaves the very southern tip a struggle from the sprawl of low class apartments/rises on the center of the island, as a few mansions to remain here. This is an area were one can drive a few blocks and go from some of the most affluent homes in Thunder Bay to being at risk in gang infested neighborhoods.

East Ward

Where once stood Bristol, this is now a mixed industrial area, with the flash of rebirth and its high level of demand, a number of industrial companies arose here to meet supply and demand of the architects and city redevelopers. A few have worked with Michael J Michael, patenting some future tech industrial materials and producing them here cleanly. Following the rise of Thunder Bay, the demand on this industrial centers has kept them flourishing. Between these industries, middle class high rises have arisen for both owners and renters. A flourish of street level activity that caters to the bohemian sits at street level here. This area is a true hodge podge environment.

Financial District

Utterly destroyed in the battle, it was claimed to be the rock from with Thunder Bay was rebuilt. The buildings here are striking glass works of art, enough to rival the modern growth of Dubai itself, and beyond even. Michael J. Michael started most of his civil duty here, building an entirely new heart of the city. From the glass domes and spires of the financial district, his zero friction mag-rails skirt the city on both sides of the harbor/bay, becoming the veins as they circle around to meet a few similar buildings in the City Center itself. Built two stories above ground, this rail system rivals earth's greatest above ground trolley transit systems.


Residential Sprawl from East Warick, to North Kingstown and further on to encompass South Kingstown. The naval base of Quonset still remains in this area. A few large shopping areas reside here, from a new indoor mall, to a large outdoor venue akin to most 21st century shipping areas. Built like a park and new street area, between a sprawl of parking lots. This is also the home of the baseball stadium for the Thunder Bay Aces.

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