In 1983 … MIchael J. Michael lands at Providence RI as a visitor from the galaxy of Zanth, identified on earth as the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy; a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way. Providence is the home to an ancient homing beacon of his people. He has arrived with others pursuing him, in the hopes of help from his people. Though ancient, that the beacon was still active even if feint gave him the hope.

Within two weeks of his arrival, a Cintrilus Prime warship arrives with the sole mission to capture the Sagittarian. A battle erupts between supers of Earth, including those residing in Providence. They are joined by the Global League and other teams in a full scale battle. Much of Providence is laid to ruin. Thankfully time to evacuate minimized causalities.

Following a drawn out court debacle over the xeno that became Michael J. Michael, he was ordered to community service that the courts imaged would result in a life time of service to Rhode Island and the city of Providence. However, using the remains of the Cintrilus Prime warship in conjunction with the deeply buried ruins of his people, the city was rebuilt in less than a decade and has grown to rival New York City itself as a Metropolitan hub, skyrocketing the former Providence Metropolitan areas from the top 40, to the 3rd biggest such area in the united states. Not his original name, at this time he takes the legal name of Michael J. Michael.

In an area that includes Providence in the north, all the way down to Newport, from Warwick to Bristol, the futuristic city of Thunder Bay now exists. So named from the battle between supers and the Cintrilus Prime warship. The battle was initially called Thunder Bay in the media and has since been called Thunder Bay to commemorate the battle.

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