Jay Tavare ('90s)
Name: Taká t'Káeh
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Kyshán, Akiár Imperium (δ Pavonis)
Age: Appx. 17
Aliases: none
Origin: Meta-Akiár
Grade: Junior
Team: Metis
Dating: (available)
Powers and Abilities: Energy Manipulation, Flight, Telepathy
Portrayed by: Jay Tavare ('90s)

Taká t'Káeh is a member of a race of winged humanoids. He is 5'1" tall with black hair and dark eyes and a coppery cast to his skin. His wings are black, with a stripe of yellow near the top. His hands, unlike Terran hands, have three fingers and a thumb, rather than four, and his feet have three toes at the front and an extended heel, and are flexible enough to grip a stout branch. So be careful to check when he gives a number — it might be in base 8 rather than base 10.

He's on Earth very much by accident.

Until the last couple years, Taká of clan Káeh had been leading a perfectly normal life on Kyshán, second world of the Akiár Imperium. He did all the normal activities of a young Akiár: his First Flight and choosing his name, settling in to his assigned portion of the t'Káeh holdings, working on finishing up his core education before going on to the Imperial University at Kyshán, and, well, the Gods only know. He hadn't gotten as far as settling on a course of study when it happened.

It. Whatever it was. Although there was no denying that it had saved his life, and probably the lives of his family. He'd been working on the family spacehopper, helping Erýn, his mother, prep it for a trip to the homeworld when he sensed something odd from the tachyon drive — which was strange in and of it self since stardrives weren't telepathically active. And then he felt a surge and reacted without thinking, shoving Erýn aside and reaching to yank a power lead free.

There was a tremendous flash of light, and the drive housing was coated in frost. Later analysis recovered a small bead of iron-56 in the drive core, a bead the mass of which would have accounted for the equivalent energy that would have been released had the core exploded. And that's when his life stopped being his own.

The researchers—biological, genetic, and physical—swooped down (figuratively) trying to determine where his powers came from, what exactly they were, and what their parameters were. He essentially moved to the Imperial University grounds as the studies began. Meanwhile, the priests and priestesses went to work trying to decide if he was a Rhýtak, an avatar of their Gods—metas were rare among his people and always worthy of notice, and most of them had, historically, been declared Rhýtak simply out of their sheer rarity.

That decision, however, was soon taken away from everyone involved. The best the researchers could come up with was that Taká was an energy manipulator, able to convert energy from one form to another as well as take advantage of the fact that E=mc2—or, for that matter, that m=E/c2. After two years of intensive study, the researchers at the university finally decided they needed to call in the bigger guns, and arranged for Taká to be sent to the Imperial University on the homeworld itself.

And that's when things really went south.

Taká boarded a transport to the homeworld, Akiár. He'd been there before, but not since his abilities developed.

So he was really shocked when, upon activation of the tachyon drive, he… bounced. Something in his meta rejected the switch to tachyonic space, and he found himself thrown far from his homeworld and his people, to this strange watery planet where winglessness is the norm.

He's been here long enough now that he can speak English, although he still hasn't shed his accent, and when agitated or startled he defaults back to his own native language. He still has trouble with the written language, but that will pass with time.

Even though he considers himself an adult—and by the laws and customs of his own people, he is—he attends Coral Springs to bring himself up to speed on matters Terrestrial, and to learn to control his rha'thar, his special abilities. This occasionally causes a little friction, when he's expected to adhere to the rules for minors, though generally speaking he can grit his teeth and submit, no matter how ridiculous the rule might be. Because he has no idea where his homeworld is from here. He's going to have to make the best of it for the time being, and he knows it.

IC Events

Limited. Taká largely keeps to himself, though he has met a few of his fellow students, and has been assigned a roommate. He has probably taken the recent events with the school more phlegmatically than most, since it has gotten him out of that terrifying underwater environment and into a place very slightly more normal. As for the missing students and staff… it is sad, but death is natural and comes to all, and he shall keep them in his memories.




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