Sammi Hanratty & Lzzy Hale
Name: Tabitha Jones
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Helix Group stronghold, Pacific Ocean
Age: 17
Aliases: Lilith
Origin: Gentek, former terrorist
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Athena
Dating: NA
Powers and Abilities: Absorb Energy, Energy Aura (strength, armor, extra senses, flight, self-healing)
Portrayed by: Sammi Hanratty & Lzzy Hale

Do not injustice to another
Defend the weak and innocent
Let truth and honor always guide you
Let courage find a life within
Stand up when no one else is willing
Act not in hatred or in spite
Be to this world as a perfect knight
Even if it means your life

Energy Absorption / Aura Powers

Gentek Physiology

Elysian Attributes

It's said the gods send against us only what we can handle.
Apparently the gods think I'm a frigging bad ass.


Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls.
The most massive characters are seared with scars.

IC Events

Tabitha's Logs


(2016-04-06) Metal Health Will Drive You Mad
Metal Health Will Drive You Mad Summary: Just a normal day in the lives of two of Coral Springs'...

(2016-04-05) Laundry Night
Laundry Night Summary: Teens do laundry. One is a cheater about it. One goes airborne. Another...

(2016-04-02) The Sick and the Really Sick
The Sick and the Really Sick Summary: Diego visits Stefanie and Tabitha in the med bay Date:...

(2016-04-01) Touching Base
Touching Base Summary: A nerf fight! Guns and fun at the Spring Fling. Date: 2016-04-01 ...

(2016-03-31) The Tardis Bag and the Squid
The Tardis Bag and the Squid Summary: When students get together there's bound to be weird...

(2016-03-31) The Ghost and Miss Jones
The Ghost and Miss Jones Summary: Conversations on contamination Date: 2016-03-31 Related:...

(2016-03-29) Spooky Sunset
Spooky Sunset Summary: A few students, including a new pair of eyes, relax outside after...

(2016-03-27) Cheating cheaters isn't cheating
Cheating cheaters isn't cheating Summary: A trip to the carnival turns into semi-devious...

(2016-03-27) Breaking the Fast
Breaking the Fast Summary: A tangle of tired teens at breakfast Date: 2016-03-27 Related:...

(2016-03-25) Easter Gifts
Easter Gifts Summary: Several Newbies arrive at the school and have a get together, exchanging...

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