Hunter King
Name: Stefanie Howson
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Springfield, Illinois
Age: 16
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Origin of powers/skills/abilities
Grade: Sophomore
Team: {$team}
Dating: Sierra
Powers and Abilities: Energy Absorption/Emission
Portrayed by: Hunter King

Stefanie had a pretty good childhood growing up. She had both parents and a little sister. They lived the perfect upper middle-class lifestyle. Stefanie wasn't a super brain, but she did alright for grades. What was considered the biggest part about Stefanie was her heart. She cared about everyone and everything, sometimes a little too much. She always had friends, but she would always try to befriend those people whom others would overlook. This put her at odds with the more popular girls in school. Stefanie was close to her little sister and the pair were in Girl Scouts through most of their childhood, Stefanie's mom was the troop leader. Of course there were your jealous girls and the cliques that formed, but that didn't stop Stefanie from helping others and earning all her badges. For one specific badge, she became fluent in American Sign Language.

As Stefanie grew, she developed early. Her musculature had formed earlier than most her age and she had taken to gymnastics as a way to stay fit. She impressed her coaches, and was made captain of the team. She'd then extend that into joining the squad in high school, where she was also a cheerleader. As a hobby, she'd picked up singing, and began performing with makeshift bands that her friends were in. They didn't make any money, but for Stefanie, it was all about having fun. She continued helping out charities even in her teens, when she had left scouting. Whether it was helping out at a homeless shelter or a nursing home, Stef always tried to make life better for people who had it the worst.

When Stefanie was in high school, she'd taken an interest in politics. She saw politics as a way to help make lives better for everyone. She'd taken political science classes in school and even ran for class office. She made secretary, somehow being able to sway people in her direction with her leadership skills both from being in scouts and from gymnastics. This all changed in her junior year, when her life had changed for the worst.

One of Stefanie's friends had turned to taking drugs and became suicidal. Stef had done her best trying to keep her friend upbeat, even went to the school authorities who all thought it was just teen drama. One morning, Stefanie had woken up to a text. She left for school early, running to her friends house only to realize that she was too late. Her friend had died of an overdose. In her grief, she didn't notice that she was glowing and burning up. Somehow, she'd been the center of an explosion that blew up her friend's house. When authorities arrived, it looked as if Stefanie had killed the girl and destroyed the house. Stefanie was taken into custody and was tried for murder. Forensic evidence cleared Stefanie but it still didn't take away from the fact that she was an obvious threat untrained. For her safety and for the public's, she was sent to Coral Springs to develop her abilities. Even though she was a junior in high school, her inexperience with her powers had placed her into sophomore year at her new school.


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Super awesome new roommate. Our powers compliment each other. I need to stop myself from hitting on her.

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I thought she was super shy, but now I see what happens when her power goes unchecked. Bev and I need to make sure we don't feed into her.

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