Chris Evans
Name: David Alvin Blake
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Blades, DE
Age: 23
Aliases: Lt. Blake
Origin: Mutation
Grade: Graduated
Team: {$team}
Dating: Nunya
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities: Shadow control and manipulation
Portrayed by: Chris Evans

David Alvin Blake is the oldest son in the Blake trio of children. Growing up fairly affluent in the Blades, DE area, there was very little he wanted for. He grew up your stereotypical 'All American Kid,' playing sports, getting straight As, staying out of trouble and otherwise being the role model for youths everywhere. Then, when he was in high school, he discovered one night that he could see perfectly fine in the dark. Even when he shut himself in his closet with no light, he could still make out items and shapes with ease. He kept this a secret, however, and tested his abilities only when no one was around.

David found out more about his abilities fairly quickly and by the time he was a Senior, had become fairly adept at using them. He could transport himself and objects through the shadows, as long as he maintained contact with the items and the shadows were connected. He could absorb ambient light and make a room incredibly dark. He could also turn shadows in to tangible things and use them to hit or entangle objects.

As high school was nearing a close, David's sense of honor and duty compelled him to enlist in the Army, where they very quickly discovered his powers and put him to use. He became a special operative fairly early on and now acts as a super powered agent on behalf of the United States Military, occasionally liasing with superhero teams, occasionally taking on missions himself. However, his role is quite secretive, so not even his family knows what he actually does.


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