Space is slowly being discovered, as new characters introduce space elements in their backgrounds and some back stories are developed.

Currently there is some threat to the Milkway Way itself, as of yet undisclosed but it is taking the focus of the Global League away from Earth to combat this threat. This has left some duties ending up in the hands of the kids of Coral Springs, willingly or otherwise.

Trintay Empire

Located in what Earth knows as the Draco Dwarf Galaxy, a near neighbor of the Milky Way, the Trintay Empire arose thousands of years ago. Trintay was original a shape shifting race of beings, who now account for three quarters of the ruling council in the galaxy, alongside a race of celestial like beings that make up the other quarter in a joint empire. Between the two, a complex system of bloodlines and clans helps keep order while removing infighting between themselves and each other.

Currently the Trintay Empire is under attack by a neighboring entity, the Krex. A dictatorship bent on subjugating neighboring galaxies. The warlord Grenkel has recently taken Tene Beilax, a planet where the Princess Xratzth ruled. One of the 9 seats of the shifters, out of 12 planetary seats that make up the ruling council, it was the defacto primary seat where the council would meat. With the Princess' where abots unknown, Lord Grenkel seeks to cow the remnants into submission by holding this planet.

Characters with Space Connections

PCs with Space Ties
Oliver (needs an icon).
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