Marena Elucar
Soul Surgeon
Morena Baccarin
Name: Marena Elucar
Gender: Characters Gender
Place of Birth: Place of Birth
Age: 36
Aliases: Doctor Elucar
Origin: Birth/Experiment
Grade: Graudated doctor
Team: {$team}
Dating: Warren Elucar
Powers and Abilities: Enhanced vision, surgical powers
Portrayed by: Morena Baccarin

The matriarch of the Elucar family.
Strict and holds the royal family of Elucar to a high standard, a bit above others. Thus she always does what she can to help others and both offer her kindness while showing what the Elucars has to offer.

She is also known as the Soul Surgeon.
Having X-ray vision, microscopic vision while also having the ability to drain diseases and perform surgeries without having to cut someone open. Causing no pain to the patient but to herself. Which works due to her feeling the pain but having regeneration which hinders her from dying. As well as having extremely high pain treshold.

It is because of her knowledge and skills that they have managed to do as well as they have. As she can operate on any kind of physiology with great results, and also able to use that to give knowledge to everyone else how to perform normal surgeries and the like.

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