Shady Cove



Shady Cove is a small village situated on the coast of New Hampshire. With a population of less than 4000, the largest trade is tourism for those wanting a small town feel and to get away from it all. Temperatures in the summer climb as high as the 80's - 90's and during the winter as low as the teens. Spring and Fall have been known to bring storms and often severe weather while Winter brings lake effect snow sometimes measured by inches, other times by feet.

Despite the small town feel, commerce and industry play a large part of the round the year income during the non-tourist months.

Telecero Corp. is the lead employer in Shady Cove. A manufacturer of composite membranes and textiles for industrial and building applications. As a leader in its markets, Telecero Corp. developed the patented Syluric® Technology, which stretches the fabric through the production process to provide durability and stability.

A small amusement park with bumper cars, a ferris wheel, a carousel, and an 18 course putt putt course, there is no shortage of entertainment.


Along the coastline there are other forms of entertainment such as canoe and boat rentals as well as a party barge for a day out in the cove. Another option is for renters to take a boat about a mile out to an island too small to develop but with a few ruins to explore. The island is quite remarkable: from pirates to buried treasures, it is perhaps not surprising that many claim this tiny island to be haunted. Rumored to have been a hideout for the infamous Stephen Decatur at one point.


Nearby Cities:

Thunder Bay - 40 Miles North

Boston - 150 MilesSouth-West

New York City (Manhattan) - 250 Miles South-West.

Areas of Interest

Popular Businesses:

Lighthouse Pizza
A favored local hangout for the high school students when they go to town. Situated in a still working lighthouse with music, great food and a game room, it's an establishment for all ages.

Mug Shot Coffee Shop
Serving a variety of coffee and tea products as well as pastries, soup and sandwiches, the Mug Shot is popular with the hipster crowd as well as the local law enforcement. A divided-off room towards the back serves as an internet cafe with computers for personal use after paying a fee.

Small amusement park, more focused on smaller thrill rides. It does have a ferris wheel, a midway with games, as well as thrill rides such as a scrambler, tilt-a-whirl, and a swinging galleon. There is also a go-kart track and an 18-hole miniature golf course. Definitely doing good during the tourist season to support itself, it's comfy and quaint as the way of most small town attractions during the off season.

Silver Fable
The Silver Fable is a book store boasting a wide variety of books ranging through all letters of the alphabet as well as books on disc, book covers and a selection of music.

Man's Pig Stand
Doing Bar-B-Q right since 1960, and has been a ??(state) tradition for decades. Famous for their hickory-smoked ribs, brisket and Pig Sandwiches, customers across the state and even across the country consider Man’s among the nation’s top barbecue restaurants.

Uptown Rink
A local favorite since 1973 when it opened, little has changed. The floor is the same wood, slightly warped, but sanded and cared for over the years. The arcade has classics mostly, and a few newer first person shooters. The nacho cheese sauce for nachos and pretzels is a family formula.

Burger Barn
Best Burgers this side of the Atlantic!

Clothing Store
Selling a variety of popular name brand clothing as well as more stretchy fabrics, Element has it all including prom dresses and tuxedo rental and all sorts of shoes.

Old Town

Maple Drive
Maple Drive is the blight of Shady Cove. An old abandoned hospital, empty houses that have fallen into disrepair and a derelict park are all down this street. Since the hospital closed, the area has been all but abandoned, the Area 51 Skate Park is the only attraction left, and it's kept up by the dedicated local teens that frequent the park.


The town hosts numerous holiday festivals to keep the spirits of its citizens alive and well. They city sponsors these in appreciation of the denizens of Shady Cove and to help the tourist industry grow. More can be found at festivals

History of Shady Cove

The history of Shady Cove is rich and diverse, dating back to the time of the first people. Shady Cove has had its up and downs, a lot has gone into bringing it where it is today. More can be found in its own History.

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