Corbin "Shades" Moreno
Raviv Ullman
Name: Corbin Moreno
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: New York City, New York
Age: 14
Aliases: Shades, RealShadySlim on MyFaceJournal
Origin: Generational Curse
Grade: Freshman
Team: Athenian League
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Shadow control and transformation
Portrayed by: Raviv Ullman

Once upon a time, there was a suave, dashing, gentleman thief by the name of Sable. Sable, like the eldest child in his family line stretching back to the misty vaults of history, was cursed to walk the night, and blessed to be the master of darkness. Owing to his mysterious occupation, dashing good looks, and tendency to need to leave town quite suddenly and with little warning, Sable was not precisely a 'family' man. It is, then, little surprise that he did not realize a brief liason has left him with a son.

Corbin was born to a single mother in New York City; she hadn't planned on being a parent, but her lingering Catholicism and a chance encounter with Sable mooted the choice for her. Her job managing a mexican resturant/bar provided a tolerable income, but never enough to really feel safe and comfortable, and often left her too tired to pay him proper attention. One of Corbin's earliest memories is of waking up to find his mother crying at the kitchen table late at night, trying to figure out which bill to pay and which to risk skipping.

Corbin often found himself alone after school and during the summer. He and his gang of friends played games and lifted wallets off tourists, running like mad to avoid getting caught. When Corbin's mother asked where he had gotten the money for new shoes, he claimed to have been doing odd jobs for various neighbors and dutifully saved up for them, and told her not to worry about it; he could take care of himself. After all, he was about to start high school soon.

Corbin's greatest joy lives in watching everything he could find about the Global League of Decency, and any other superheroes and supervillains he found out about. He continues to watch kid's cartoons about his favorites, even though he knows he's really too old for them anymore. He tries to keep his enthusasim to himself, unless he knows he's talking to a fellow superfan.

On his thirtenth birthday, the blessing and curse of his father fell upon him, and he awoke barely able to see. Light wasn't painful, but it was blinding; conversely, he could see almost pretnaturally well in low light and darkness. More distressingly, at least from his mother's perspective, was that he seemed to have become a living shadow. Over the following days and weeks, Corbin figured out the rudimentary basics of his new powers- that dark sunglasses helped him to see during the day, to assume a shadowform intentionally, and to express some control over shadows he could see. He was also thrilled, because it meant that HE WAS A SUPERHERO! He started calling himself shades, owing to the sunglasses that let him get by during the day.

His first outing at trying to actually *be* a superhero did not go so great, however. Sneaking out after dark, he tried to save a mugging victim- only for the mugger, spooked by Corbin's sudden, shadowy appearance -to open fire. Corbin reflexively shadowshifted to avoid being shot, which resulted in the victim being hit instead. Corbin stayed to try and stop the bleeding while the mugger fled. By the time the paramedics arrived, it was too late. The incident made the news; shortly thereafter, Corbin was invited to Coral Springs.

IC Events

Recent arrival to Coral Springs!

Potential Hooks

  • Shades was a huge goddamn nerd for supers before he gained his powers; now, he's the kid that found the Golden Ticket to Wonka's factory. He could potentially know about almost any character, or about tangentially related characters. Even if not, he'll tend to be a boundless ball of "OH MY GOD THIS IS SO COOL" with other superheroes.
  • Shades joined the Athenian League because he really wants to do good- but his past, talents, and powers all incline him to be… let's say, less 'forthright' than might be proper.
  • Shades is from New York City; when folks want to head to the City to get away, he can potentially act as a tour guide, or at least tag along to drop in and visit his Mom.



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