Code Name of Character
Carlos Valdes
Name: Sebastian Francisco Nieves
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Colombian Heritage
Age: 14
Aliases: Seb
Origin: ???
Grade: Freshman
Team: Prometheus
Dating: STBD
Powers and Abilities: Elementalist - Ice/Cold
Portrayed by: Carlos Valdes

THIS IS NOT PUBLIC INFORMATION!! If you think you would know about this background before it is expressed through RP, please contact Sebastian

It has been long-debated as to whether villainy is in one's nature or in one's nurture. Sebastian is the lucky SOB who gets to find the answer to that.

Once upon a time, quite recently, in fact, there was a villain by the name of Frostbite. He had spent the last fifteen years or so working his way up from 'minor inconvenience' to 'Top-Rate Villain'…not quite reaching Supervillain status, but that did seem to be his trajectory. No one really knew of his origins, but his powers of Cryokinesis and Temperature Control were obvious. Even as his status among Villainhood grew, so did his powers. Many a hero tried to bring him down, but it proved to be difficult and he was able to continue spreading his villainy.

It wasn't until recently that a young, hotshot new Investigator with the FBI thought he knew Frostbite be in reality…and knowing that, they were able to start tracing him in the hopes of capture. They were working with a Superhero agency and were swiftly closing in. When Frostbite got wind of this, he grew quite concerned; he hadn't worked this hard to be captured! It was a Mad Scientist Contact of his who suggested a solution; he had invented a way to De-Age people safely! If Frostbite De-aged, he would be able to escape as they were looking for an adult, not a kid. The Mad Scientist even promised to Re-Age him once he had safely gotten them off of his tail.

The Plan didn't quite go off as intended.

The Scientist and Frostbite got a little cocky with their plan and the Feds/Superhero team got wind of it. By the time they burst into the lab, teen-Frostbite was on the run. The Mad Scientist fought but he, the De-Aging apparatus, and the entire Lab were destroyed in the fight. There was a grand chase but what neither villain counted on was that in the De-Aging process, all of the power skill that Frostbite had built up was suddenly gone. It wasn't easy, but he was eventually caught and incarcerated in a special, power-dampening room. The most he could do was keep his water cold.

But now there was a conundrum; Frostbite was now about thirteen years old and while his memories were still that of the 35-40-ish villain he was, he was technically a juvenile. Maybe someone saw the movie 'Trading Places' one night for it was proposed that he become a social experiment. They would place him under Witness Protection with a loving (but possibly powered to handle him) Foster Family, keep tabs on him through a tamper-proof, temperature-immune Ankle-Bracelet, and put him in an environment that promotes Good. Would he still default to his Villain ways or would there be a change of heart? It was offered as a deal to the teen - either that or this power-proof cell for the next fifty years.

It was kind of a no-brainer.

So, Sebastian Francisco Nieves was 'born', sent to a Foster Family, and preparations were made to send him to Coral Springs High School.

Because everyone wants a second chance at High School. NOT!

IC Events

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