Tom Felton
Name: Lucius Schuyler 'Sky' Masters
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Masters Property, International Waters
Age: 18
Aliases: Sky
Origin: Trauma/Hereditary
Grade: Graduate
Team: Ares, Team Captain
Dating: {$so}
Powers and Abilities: Telepathy, Sensory Removal, Sensory Enhancement, Twin Bond, Mind Control
Portrayed by: Tom Felton

Some families have Confirmation or Bar Mitzvahs or Quincineras. Some sort of rite of passage from childhood to adolescence/adulthood other than the embarrassing growth spurts, acne, and sudden mood changes.

Ours has The Quest.

We can trace the family back to the 12th Century when Norman Knights came to Ireland with Strongbow. Thats when, they say, The Quest began. Some thing it was even earlier and de Masters brought it with him.

Every Masters has to go on The Quest or be ostracized and kicked out of the family. A few names are scratched out on our family tree because of this, but aside from those few, everyone in the family does this.

Most even survive.

During their thirteenth year, every Masters teenager decides what their Quest will be. Sometimes they choose to conduct dangerous experiments that they hope will bring them their powers. Some go on an actual Walkabout, taking a single suitcase and a handful of cash. Some don't take anything and just leave. When they come back or emerge or whatever, they have their Powers.

So far, the only ones in the family bloodline who never had powers were those that refused to go on the Quest.

You've probably heard of some of our relatives. Some have gone the Villain route, some have gone the Hero route, but some just do what they want to do. However, all of us live by one creed: Familia Supria Omnes.

Family Above All.

Family gatherings and events are always well attended with the unspoken agreement that everyone will behave appropriately. No attacks on family members, no harming family members. Some get along great at those times even if they're enemies the rest of the time. We look after each other.

Thing is, the Addams Family has nothing on us when it comes to weirdness. So if we don't look after each other, who will?

My mother is White Witch, aka Violetta Masters, nee DiAngelo. She and my dad, Ashby Masters, also called The Gargoyle, met at Coral Springs High School. They were both part of the inaugural class. My moms powers were inherited through her own family's line and while they weren't as weird as we were, it helped her fit right in once she met Dad…who's own Quest gave him wings and the power to turn to living stone. Maybe they were the first wedding from the school…I don't know.

My older brother is at Coral Springs and there's a younger brother and sister who have a few years yet for their Quests.

Then there's me. Schuyler. Sky. And my fraternal twin sister, Ranier, aka Rain. I'm older by less than an hour. Rain's my best friend, my worst enemy, and everything in-between. See, that whole 'Twin bond' thing is real, especially for us. We can feel what each other feels and communicate even when we're far apart. We can even kind of share senses…to an extent. Unfortunately for Rain, mine's a little one-sided.

You see, I was born deaf.

My family has been really supportive and insistent that I can do whatever I put my mind to. We communicate with Sign Language and I learned how to read lips. I played as hard as my hearing family and I was educated, maybe even better, in school…yet for some reason they were hesitant about me doing my Quest. They said that I wouldn't be shunned or kicked out…they'd make sure of it. My brother agreed with them. Rain and the younger ones were on my side. So I did the only thing I -could- do.

I snuck out.

I took one of our boats to the Mainland and started off on my own. No sibling interpreter with me, just a notebook if I really couldn't make myself understood for my needs. I had a backpack and some money I had stashed away — enough to actually get me to New Orleans. I wanted to see the place for myself…the brightness of the nightlife, the creepy, haunted mansions, the bayou, everything! It just seemed the right place to be. I was able to get what I needed…a place to stay, food, whatever. I began to feel like I didn't need the coddling. I could do this! Without them!

For some reason, one night, it also seemed to be the right thing to do to climb atop an old water tower during a massive thunderstorm. What did this have to do with finding powers? Maybe I thought it could be found amongst the voodoo magic in the city…in the destruction and rebirth after the Hurricane. Maybe I thought it would be found in the crumbling mansions. Or maybe I was daring whatever forces were out there to prove me worthy of my family birthright or just put an end to it.

I remember it being incredible. I was being pummeled by rain and the wind was wrapping me up in it as if it could just fly me away forever. I couldn''t hear the thunder, but I could feel how it shook the water tower and see the bright, jagged flashes of lightning. It was the most beautiful and terrifying and magical and liberating moments of my life. The lightning crashed so close to me — one bolt hit a transformer that was maybe fifty feet from me and blew it up. I could feel the heat and watched the sparks fall like stars.

Then the Water Tower shook and everything went white.

I woke up to screaming. So much screaming! My head felt like it was on fire and I couldn't form a thought from all of the screaming. I never understood the concept of Loud until then and I desperately wanted my silence. There were hands on my shoulders, holding me gently and firmly, pushing me back…my mothers hands. I opened my eyes to see that I was in a hospital room and that she was there, her hands still on my shoulders, gently pressing me back into a bed. I was hooked up to machines and a nurse was on his way out.

But there was no one else. Why was there so much screaming? My mothers mouth was moving…she was telling me to lay back and calm down, that everything was going to be all right…over and over. But I could hear her still. Not her voice, I realized, as I just watched her repeat all of that in a sort of mantra, but her thoughts. Her fear, her reliving the moment of a phone call from the Hospital. Her flight to be by my side and her despair at me being in a coma for a week. I could hear her relief that I woke up and that I might be all right aside from some burns and bruises and scrapes. When Rain was allowed in, I could hear her mentally screaming at me even though she hugged me and tearfully held my hand even as the morphine began to take effect again.

I had fulfilled my Quest and survived.






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