Iskra Lawrence
Name: Saoirse Alannah Flynn
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
Age: 16
Aliases: None
Origin: Nanotechnology
Grade: Junior
Team: Prometheus
Dating: Promise Ring'd to Sierra (Engaged possibly?)
Powers and Abilities: Clumsy high-tech brick
Portrayed by: Iskra Lawrence

Bionic girl has lots of super powers. She's strong, and she can take a pretty good beating. She's courageous and brave. She doesn't run away if someone tries to talk to her. And she has a really strong bladder, she can not pee for a really long time, even in the middle of battles. A strong bladder means a strong constitution. Daniel and Abigail are a dynamic team. They work together every day. And sometimes in pictures if you see a blonde girl with glasses in a really big wheelchair, that would be me! I'm Bionic Girl's little sister, Saoirse Flynn. I dont have anything like a super name or sponsorship. In fact our father did some things he wasn't supposed to do. That's what I was told anyway. Early on in life I developed many disabilities. I couldn't talk, or communicate well. I couldn't walk, I had severe disabilities that didn't let me take care of myself. Abigail kept close to me, and I was so very happy at her successes.

Abigail made me happy and smile, and always made me feel like part of the team. Father had some difficulties accepting that I had such difficulty in life.

Using part of his research with Nanobots, and other types of prototype super tech he began making working with me. I wasn't the big success that Abigail was. Abigail could protect the American Way, and the most I could do was chew Ultra-puff marshmallows. It wasn't really a fair trade. Father injected me with these little robot guys called Nanotechnology. With these I could communicate with computers. I was able to form words, and communicate with the help of computers. This was an amazing new development for us. Mother could communicate me, and she began to home school me.

It seemed that this was not enough, and Father had a improved nanotech upgrade for me. He gave it to me, and it began converting me, making me from being regular Saoirse, to a bionic living robotic Saoirse. It began to rewrite me in a way that my body began to fix itself as it was converted. I could move my body more willingly. Eventually I could fly with different upgrades that Father installed, I was magnetic, he put in a power source. He explained it's like the power of a sun, a few tiny little particles that power my body and it's transformation. So it means I'm sun-powered! I wonder why I dont get a tan? Maybe it's on the inside? I actually became pretty good at math when my brain started to get funny with the little robot guys doing their thing. I had a strong body, like my sister. But I'm not coordinated like her, brave like her, I can't even hold in my pee like her! She's amazing, and capable. I asked father - what am I supposed to be? He said I wasn't a military girl like Abigail. That wasn't his intention. I was meant to be whatever I wanted to be. I said I wanted to be a little pony girl. He said I couldn't be that. So since I can't, I have to figure out what I should be.

Father got into a bit of trouble because Mother was angry, took him to court for custody of medical decisions of me. She said that he didn't have a right to alter me in the way he did. The court agreed, but also agreed what's done is done, and he's working in my best interests. Mother has control over the legal decisions. Mother and Father have split, and mom made me take her name of Flynn. But we are still a family. There are decisions I have to make - what am I going to become? Am I going to be a human, or a robot? I'm somewhere between, and if things progress as they have in a few years I'll be completely changed, and no longer human. Will that make me not a person? I'm not sure. Mother, Father decided to send me to Coral Springs, to attend with other people. Kind of like me, and that I should socialize with others my age, maybe they dont know what to do with themselves in special circumstances too. So..I'm not sure. Who I am, Who I will become. I'm not a special superhero like my sister. I'm not a little pony. I'm just..A Saoirse. And I guess that will have to be enough for now..

Superhero Sister - Bionic Girl
Saoirse's sister is Abigail Masterson, the Bionic Girl. She is one of the premier super heroes of the United States, Daughter-Father team. Abigail is a symbol of courage and bravery, and made up of military grade bionics, with an ability to transform portions of her body into mechanized weaponry, high powered US-Army powered military equipment, and she is much stronger and more powerful than Saoirse herself. Her sister is very supportive of Saoirse, but Abigail is highly successful and admired by not only so many people in the world but the family as well. She has obtained fame and notoriety, where as Saoirse hasn't found her own way in life yet, the family doesn't exactly expect too much of Saoirse, instead encouraging her to find her own way.

Naively Genuine
Saoirse has socially developed on a slower level than normal and now with her transforming into a mechanized person. Saoirse has a way of babbling, of thinking out loud and through her thoughts. She seems to have little ability to be untruthful and anything that she would say tends to be an absolute truth in her point of view.

Not Good With Social Cues
Truly awful at social situations, she is curious. She can be expressive, or not expressive at all. She likes to touch when she shouldn't, she likes to hug when it's inappropriate. She will ask inappropriate questions often at inappropriate times. She's just downright awkward, weird, and strange. Sometimes she can be endearing, sometimes she can be just plain insensitively odd.

Prone to Electromagnetic Interference
Saoirse's biggest weakness is electromagnetics. This will disrupt her nanomachines, and cause her to act erractically. From an inability to tell whom is friend or foe, to the systematic shutdown of her special abilities, to even blindness, since her body is made up of many machines, she is far more susceptible. Even protective gear would not be enough to fully protect her.

Incompatibility with Psychics
Considering large portions of her mind are run by a computerized system, and the fact that her mind was never built quite the same way as most, she has a high degree of incompatibility with psychics. Those trying to pry into her mind might find themselves in a frightful, downright painful experience, if they can even get in at all.

Weak to Hackers
Considering her body is muchly a computerized machine, those that understand programming languages and such things could possibly reprogram her body, or even mind. There is an inherent fear of computer programmers, and what they could potentially make her do.

Poor Decision Making
Bionic Girl trains, she knows combat, she can fight. Saoirse has never done these things, hardly thought about them. As an example she might grab a tree and rip it from the ground, but she likes to fly. So she would try to fly towards an opponent with the tree to hit them, but she doesn't have enough power to compensate for the tree, so she would fall under the tree and be squished by it. Flying fast means paying attention several steps in front of you, and Saoirse is likely to strike a tree, if not several. We're starting on Hero Combat kindergarden here.


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My Personal Marshmallow Toaster!
Sierra is a special girl. She has a fire-god guy inside of her, maybe that's why she gets so fiesty. Sometimes she does things against the rules, which I dont really understand why. The rules are clearly defined. I like rules. I also like when things are defined. So I'm confused sometimes by her actions. She does however have a genuine affection for me, and I find that I do have a genuine affection for her. I'm a little afraid that I have to experience life, love, as quickly as I can while I'm still human. Sierra is a fast-track to that. She doesn't take anything slow, and dives right in to what she wants in life. In a way I admire that quality in her and I find myself drawn to it. She has a pretty smile, and is a defined lesbian. Though I think she's slept with boys before, that technically would make her more bisexual unless she had a choice change and has moved to only girls, which I think she has. This makes her a lesbian, bisexual after, then back to a lesbian. Oh, this effectively makes me a lesbian too because we're a couple. There will be bumps in the road, tears, throwing things, and lots of marshmallow eating together. But I'm looking forward to it. I've actually asked her to marry me. She says we have to wait till we're 18. That's likely true unless there are special circumstances. They wont allow her to be married to a woman in Mexico, being a lesbian there is practically illegal. So..if it's in Ireland, or maybe even in the Americas, I hope that we can live together as uh..wll, wife and wife? It would save her from having to repress herself, and..I think she would be a happier person married to me. But I think I will eventually frustrate her to no end as well. I'm not completely sure what love is, it's very difficult to define. But I think she is in love with me. Maybe I am with her? I dont know..this is why I like things that can be defined, then it's like, oh! I am! Or a simple, nope, I'm not! Either way though, we like one another well enough to have lots of good feelings towards one another. For now, we are going to get promise rings and we'll be promise ring'd together! I wonder if that's like an engagement. Hmmn, I guess it's a pre-engagement. Kind of like..pancake puppies at Dennys! Oooh, Pancake Puppies..I wonder where the nearest Dennys is…


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Saoirse - Marshmallow of Justice!
That’s me, Saoirse! She has the superpower of unlimited Marshmallows. As well as that floating thing she does, she’s kinda a klutzy girl. Naïve, but she also knows tries really hard! She just..doesn’t always succeed very well. She can survive a bunch of stuff, and did I mention the flying thing? She’s easy to talk to, and she does this super strength thing – sort of. But her best power? Definitely the unlimited marshmallows!

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I don’t really know much about him. He can fly. And he’s a boy, there’s that much too. He asked me to Prom but he kind of flirts with all kinds of girls, and he probably slept with a girl I know. I'm not quite sure what I think yet.


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