Atsushi Sakurai
Name: Ryuunosuke Yamaguchi
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Japan
Age: 17
Aliases: none
Origin: Vessel of Yamata-no-Orochi
Grade: 11 (Junior)
Team: Metis
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Psychic Deceit, Shadow Serpents, Natural Poison
Portrayed by: Atsushi Sakurai

Yamato-no-Orochi. One of the most feared demons of Japanese mythology, the eight-headed, eight-tailed serpent (some say dragon) that was as large as eight hills and eight valleys. And now?

…A teenage boy.

Ryuunosuke Yamaguchi was to be the unfortunate last sacrifice of a cult to the evil Orochi. A priestess managed to stop the sacrifice, but was forced to seal Orochi inside his body. Ryuunosuke and the demon are now one, and he teeters on the edge between good and evil. The only visual clues that he's not a completely normal teenager are the blood-red eyes and a pair of creases on his face that follow his jawline. And the forked tongue, of course.

Watch this one, he's a snake. Literally and figuratively.

Yamata-no-Orochi was a fearsome dragon/serpent with eight monstrous heads and eight monstrous tails. It was so big that trees and plants grew on its back, and was said to have covered eight hills and valleys. But even destroying its physical body didn't stop it. Its fearsome power remained in the world, in the form of a colossal spirit of destruction.

A Japanese man named Hideki Yamaguchi made contact with the demon's spirit while dabbling in occult matters that he should have left alone. At the behest of the spirit of Orochi, Hideki began to build a cult centered around the resurrection of Yamata-no-Orochi. Sacrifices were made. Blood was spilt. Souls were provided. And the spirit began to grow stronger.

But before the ritual could be completed, the cult leader's son Ryuunosuke, who did not agree with his father's aim, had reached out to a Shinto priestess named Kiyoko Maeda. Unfortunately he was found out, and plans were made to sacrifice HIM to the spirit of Orochi. He would be the final sacrifice, the one that would bring Orochi into the world again. Kiyoko was not able to completely stop the ritual however, as the cultists delayed her just long enough.

However using the Kusanagi sword, one of the three national treasures of Japan — and ironically, believed to have been drawn from the body of Yamata-no-Orochi itself by Susano-o after destroying the beast's physical form — she was able to seal the power of Orochi before it consumed Ryuunosuke's soul entirely. As a result, the spirit of Orochi and the soul of Ryuunosuke Yamaguchi bonded into a single entity.

It didn't take Kiyoko long to notice, though, that he did still have qualities of the young man that he had been before the ritual. Ryuunosuke couldn't completely overcome the strength of Orochi's evil… but perhaps, with time, his humanity would eventually win out against the eight-headed serpent. Or, perhaps even… make the beast human?

And so, instead of having him locked away to imprison the spirit of Orochi, she instead decided to try to send him to Coral Springs, to hopefully bring out some of the young man that he'd been before the ritual. Besides, if he did go nuts, who better to deal with him than a school full of people with super powers?

IC Events

January 5, 2017: Ryuunosuke has disappeared from the school, and his things have been collected by a stern-looking but young Japanese woman. His side of the room now lies empty and still, and his roommate has the room all to himself, until a new one is assigned.
November 2, 2017: After only being seen in classes since January of this year, Ryuunosuke returns to being a regular fixture around the school. Many who knew him before note that he is not himself, however…
November 22, 2017: Following the destruction of the Coral Springs high school, priestess Kiyoko Maeda decided that Ryuunosuke would remain at the Shrine while his re-education occurs. The Shrine is in Japan, so it is unlikely that he will ever see any of the students at the former school again.


Overall Impressions:

  • "…They aren't afraid. I… don't know how to react to that…"
  • "It all seems so strange. I'm used to a high school trying its best to hammer any differences out with extreme prejudice. This place seems to not only allow those differences, but to celebrate them. That, in and of itself, is difficult for me to understand. To say nothing of exactly how different all the students are. It's… going to take some getting used to…"



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