Victoria Justice
Name: Rosa Maria Mendoza
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Hachita, NM
Age: 14
Aliases: Froggy
Origin: Lab Accident
Grade: Freshperson
Team: {$team}
Dating: N/A
Powers and Abilities: Transforms into Giant Frog Monster
Portrayed by: Victoria Justice

"You're a girl, so you gotta work twice as hard to get as far as any man. You're Mexican, so you gotta work twice as hard to get as far as any anglo. Rosa, you gotta work four times as hard as anybody just to catch up."

Rosa remembers her grandmother telling her these things practically from birth. She took them to heart. She devoted herself to studying, planning to become a doctor, or a scientist. Something respectable and important. She pulled ahead of her classmates in every subject, skipped a couple of grades, and by the time she was twelve she was taking advanced placement chemistry and biology, and she knew that she was going to make it, be the girl who, despite all adversity, made something tremendous of herself.

And then she got cocky.

The experiment involved a study comparing modern Conraua goliath (the goliath frog of western Africa) to its prehistoric ancestor, Beelzebufo ampinga (the devil frog). Part of this involved an attempt to isolate Beelzebufo DNA. She got the brilliant idea to try to reconstruct it from the goliath frog DNA she had on hand, mixing in some standard chemicals that she knew to be used in such experiments.

And then the stuff exploded all over her.

She woke up a week later, starving, naked, in the middle of the New Mexico desert. She managed to steal clothes from a trailer park and hitchhike back to Albuquerque, where her grandmother was ecstatic to see her. She had gone missing when a giant frog monster attacked the school, and had been assumed dead. It did not take long for her to realize that she WAS the frog monster. She transformed more than once, causing destruction and disaster, but, by sheer luck, no death. With dismay, she turned herself over to the authorities, who sent her on to Coral Springs for training.

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