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Kenton Duty
Name: Rónán Finley Brennan
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
Age: 14
Aliases: Rónán
Origin: Inherited
Grade: Freshman
Team: Athenian League
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Water and Ice Manipulation
Portrayed by: Kenton Duty

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IC Events

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(2018-08-23) Old Friends and New
Old Friends and New Summary: Besa remembers and talks about Aidan. Date: 2018-08-23 Related:...

(2018-05-03) Dish Pit Blues
Dish Pit Blues Summary: Detention sucks! Especially on Taco Thursday! Date: 2018-05-03 ...

(2018-04-10) The Heart
The Heart Summary: A group of students go to retrieve the heart. It's not easy Date:...

(2018-03-26) No Stabbies
No Stabbies Summary: Ashton and Rain have a run in, no one gets stabbed. Ronan and Ariel witness...

(2018-03-22) Oversharing
Oversharing Summary: Friendly conversation between Schuyler, Rain, and Ashton turn into not so...

(2018-03-17) They're Back
They're Back Summary: Some of the Coral Springs students overhear/oversee a snippet of a...

(2018-03-15) Nomming in the Dark
Nomming in the Dark Summary: A group of students eat lunch and cope with the continued power...

(2018-03-11) First Impressions
First Impressions Summary: Loukanos, Besa, and Ronan see Ashton off when his grandfather picks...

(2018-03-09) Dusk of the Drowned
Dusk of the Drowned Summary: Using the piece of Ariel ripped off during their last encounter,...

(2018-03-01) Fightin' Irish.... Grannies!
Fightin' Irish . Grannies! Summary: Sorry, no actual Irish grannies duking it out in this scene...

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