Role Play

This is a collection of works on role-play and mu*ing established and helping folks find, generate, inspire and contribute to RP in a group environment.

Internet Drama and You - One of the most often referenced and utilized blogs on the subject of playing together collaboratively on a mu*. The primary source of the term 'pretend fun time games.' This should be required reading for anyone playing text based games on the internet in a multiple user format.

RP Sparkle - A guide by Rane, another often copied and utilized guide for RP. Great things for breaking out of the mundane some of us fall into at times. Faraday has it archived in one location at the AresMUSH wiki. I highly recommend this, both to those that tend to simply pose entering or being in a scene as well as to those who go way over the top with too much sparkle and try to steal the scene.

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