Mitch Hewer
Name: RJ-148963
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Cloning Center 314
Age: 16
Aliases: Ryan Joshua Mallory
Origin: Alien Technology from another dimension
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Prometheus
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Body Enhancement & Energy Absorption and Redistribution:
Portrayed by: Mitch Hewer

Walk the edge of America
A concrete beach to scrape my hand
Inside the subway stinking fear and shame
Becomes the violent breath

Vigilantes out on dawn patrol
But now there's nothing left to hide
I'm just a number on the metal fence
Which marks the great divide - Duran Duran

Earth had been at a high point in its history. It had been forty-three years after World War IV. While the free city-states were still in a bit of disorder, things were the best that history had seen. The hayday of humanity was not meant to last. Just over two hundred years ago, the Farosh first arrived on Earth. Their conquest of the planet took only three months. Within five years, the human race was exterminated to the edge of extinction. Genocide was not the Farosh's plan; absolute subjugation to the will of the Thirty-Six Overlords
Within fifty years, the Farosh had absolute control over the human race. Humanity was forced into slavery. Reproduction was no longer a matter of sexual reproduction, but controlled by Faroshi genetic engineers, who ensured that their servitors were strong and durable and "tweaked" for their assigned duties. Children were created in labs.

Sixteen cycles ago, Servitor RJ-148963 was released from his incubator. It was decided that day that he was destined to be a maintenance and repair. The choice was never his. In fact, there was no choice. There was only the overseer's decision. Like all other children, he was put into a development and training center, where he was raised with another ninety-nine boys that looked just like him, in fact, genetically there were just like him. The only difference between any of them was the designation number that was tattooed across the back of their necks.

Individual personalities developed from their own unique experiences. For RJ-148963, his experiences were not the best. RJ-148963 was assigned to Settlement 318, or as some of the ruins say Newyork. Settlement 318 was one of the most over-industrialized cities. A constant cover of pollution covered the sky, making it difficult to determine across most of the planet, but Settlement 318 was so bad that the air was barely sufficient to safely sustain its human inhabitants. Settlement 318 has also been the site of one of the most recent acts of sedition. When the Overlords finished with it, much of the city was left in ruins. The curfews set in Settlement 318 were severe, and many had to be more creative in their comings and goings throughout the city.

IC Events

None Yet (if you want to wiki-fu a module to list logs, the code can be provided). This is extra writing presently to taste the parameters of this field in relation to the hanging box and see if I write too far that the box might cover up some of this text.



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1st - He has WINGS!, 2nd - He's pretty cool to talk to, especially on things that I might not be able to comfortably talk with some other people about, 3rd - He has WINGS!

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Koga Yamamoto
Koga is stood against Overlord 28 when I first arrived on this Earth.

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Lance Kane
Lance is stood against Overlord 28 when I first arrived on this Earth.

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Interesting girl. She seems to have a lot of empathy about being from another dimension. I wonder if she really has the bite to go along with the bark. Not sure I want to find out though.


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