Actor Name
Name: Karissa Reno Knowles
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Texas
Age: 16
Aliases: Known Aliases
Origin: The Voice
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Prometheus
Dating: Significant Other(s)
Powers and Abilities: Adaptive Strength and Toughness
Portrayed by: Actor Name

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IC Events

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(2016-10-02) You Can't Change Dead
You Can't Change Dead Summary: Rissa is in mourning while a few try and comfort her. Lynzee.. is...

(2016-10-02) Death by Kraken
Death by Kraken Summary: Another robotic kraken attack leads to a fatal outcome Date:...

(2016-10-01) Owls are bastards!
Owls are bastards! Summary: After poking its beak everywhere, the owl shadowing Tabitha stops...

(2016-10-01) Comics and Codenames
Comics and Codenames Summary: Rissa gets a crash course in comics, Aidan, Daxton and Felicia...

(2016-09-29) Girls Talk Boys
Girls Talk Boys Summary: Rissa and Rain talk about boys and hair is done. Date: 2016-09-29 ...

(2016-09-29) Dancefloor Metaphor
Dancefloor Metaphor Summary: A night of cutting loose. Date: 2016-09-29 Related: None ...

(2016-09-24) Stump Speeches
Stump Speeches Summary: Various wanderers converge around a tree stump on Paragon Island Date:...

(2016-09-22) Eat Your Pain
Eat Your Pain Summary: Sky and Rain have a painful and kinda creepy encounter with Rissa Date:...

(2016-09-21) Deadly Drinks and Lunch Talk
Deadly Drinks and Lunch Talk Summary: Because lethaler apparently isn't a word! Date:...

(2016-09-20) Lethal Drinks and Lunch Talk
Lethal Drinks and Lunch Talk Summary: It's lunch time people talk Date: 2016-09-20 Related:...

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