Actor Name
Name: Karissa Reno Knowles
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Texas
Age: 16
Aliases: Known Aliases
Origin: The Voice
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Prometheus
Dating: Significant Other(s)
Powers and Abilities: Adaptive Strength and Toughness
Portrayed by: Actor Name

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IC Events

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(2016-11-06) Beautiful With You
Beautiful With You Summary: The day that started in a hospital bed ends in just the right place....

(2016-11-03) The Oxidising Angel
The Oxidising Angel Summary: Nathaniel leads a mission to rescue Tabitha and Katrina. A number...

(2016-10-22) In Cold Blood (AKA - Kidnapping Made Messy)
In Cold Blood (AKA - Kidnapping Made Messy) Summary: Katrina Evans gets kidnapped on her way to...

(2016-10-21) First Date Jitters
First Date Jitters Summary: Tabitha and Rissa go on their first actual date. Serious topics are...

(2016-10-17) Relationship Status
Relationship Status Summary: Cookies are eaten and things are discussed. Date: 2016-10-17 ...

(2016-10-08) Home Visit
Home Visit Summary: A small glimpse into Tabitha's home life. Scene was a bit rushed due to...

(2016-10-07) Coral Springs Bingo
Coral Springs Bingo Summary: Various students chat at lunch. It gets chaotic as they discuss...

(2016-10-06) Owl Droppings in a Sauna
Owl Droppings in the Sauna Summary: Tabitha gets a visit from Rissa while recovering from her...

(2016-10-04) Dirty Laundry and Sister Stuff
Dirty Laundry and Sister Stuff Summary: Where we learn that Rissa has a serious thing against...

(2016-10-03) Death, Self-harm, and Tacos
Death, Self-harm, and Tacos Summary: Tabitha learns about the kraken attack, then tracks down...

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