Kristin Kreuk
Name: Rebecca Liling Sanders
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA
Age: 15
Aliases: Becca
Origin: Science Experiment
Grade: Junior
Team: Athena
Dating: Daxton
Powers and Abilities: Phasing
Portrayed by: Kristin Kreuk

Rebecca is from sunny Southern California. Her powers developed from a deep rooted desire to escape and the stress of living between divorced parents. She came to school as a freshman after diving in front of a car when her parents wouldn't hear she was changing in what she felt was an unnatural way. Between Sophomore and Junior year over the summer Becca discovered that her mother was a member of a Chinese gang and had consented to some odd experiments while carrying Rebecca which resulted in the gang feeling it has ownership over Rebecca. Her growing independence from her mother drove Becca's mom to turn her over to the gang, who cause trouble through the summer and briefly abducted the young phaser. Since then she's decided to try the codename Mirage and is waiting for her chance to do good rather than be a thief for a gang.



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Really nice musician, Alison's friend, was dating Jacob. Strong with her gifts and amazing. I'm glad to have her in my corner. My wonderful roomie. I hope we can withstand living together!

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My exroommate, she's a real legacy, and pretty awesome. Looking forward to living with her.

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He's cool. Very chill with everyone it seems like.

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Great fighter. I hope she's ok. She seems tough as nails.



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