Sabrina Carpenter
Name: Ranier C. Masters
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Live Oak Island, International Waters
Age: 15
Aliases: Rain
Origin: Hereditary
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Athena
Dating: Not yet
Powers and Abilities: Duplication, Twinbond
Portrayed by: Sabrina Carpenter

If you are a Masters you have powers. That is the first steadfast rule in our family. If you don't have powers by the time you reach majority, well to bad, you are no longer a Masters. You are stripped of the name and disowned. It has been this way for countless generations.

Family tradition states that at the age of 13 you must go on a Quest to manifest your powers. This is the second steadfast rule of the family. If you don't go on your Quest you risk being stripped of the name and disowned.

I REFUSED. I still manifested my powers. This will not end well.





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