Kain Rivers
Name: Wirognawos
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Near current day Marseilles
Age: 14 Physically
Aliases: Quinn, Wirognawos
Origin: Druidic trained Bardic Magic
Grade: Freshman
Team: Consortium of Metis
Dating: Negatory
Powers and Abilities: Bardic Magic, Scream. Harmonic Voices
Portrayed by: Kain Rivers

Quinn was born Wirognawos in a time before the Roman Conquering of South Eastern France. He grew up as a Druid in a time when the Greeks were present.

IC Events

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(2018-11-07) Some Old Art
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(2018-11-01) Ghosts, Bookstores, and Shades
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(2018-10-16) Spooky Scary Lighthouses
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(2018-10-09) Mystery Light
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(2018-10-03) Discussion Down
Discussion Down Summary: Mr.Manchester's English class discuses Watership Down and the upcoming...

(2018-09-28) Double the Jackal
Double the Jackal Summary: Quinn and Best are having a heart to heart of sorts, but earlier Besa...

(2018-08-13) What's Your Fantasy?
What's Your Fantasy? Summary: Quinn, Besa, and Dylan run into each other in the book store. ...

(2018-08-07) Temple of Doom
Temple of Doom Summary: The hedge maze is explored. There is, of course, a secret...

(2018-08-06) Doggo Beach Run!
Doggo Beach Run! Summary: Buddy relishes the open space of the beach, and attracts some...

(2018-07-11) The Morning After
The Morning After Summary: Ashton, Besa, Callisto, and Quinn talk the morning after Ashton's...

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