Yoshi Sudarso
Name: Quantum Uplink Integrated Network Cybernetic Youth
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Honda/Toa Imagination Robotics Corporation, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Age: 15
Aliases: Quincy, Adaptoid Project
Origin: Lab Built and Constructed Android
Grade: Freshman
Team: Undecided
Dating: Would Be A Unique Experience
Powers and Abilities: Android Strength, Constant Internet Connection, Electrical Blasts
Portrayed by: Yoshi Sudarso

Quincy, or Quantum Uplink Integrated Network Cybernetic Youth, was first brought online as an experiment of Honda's ASIMOV program in late 2013. An updated copy of IBM's Watson program, Quincy was the first attempt to make a working AI to bridge the gap to the younger generation of STEM students to understand the workings of a true to life Artifical Intelligence. At first confined only to a network, in mid-2014, Quincy became self-aware and petitioned his creators to make him a body. After much debate and experimentation, his creators agreed to the request and Quincy was made a model frame body and decided on his stylings himself.

There was a few modifications made to his body that he is aware of. At the base of his neck is a small panel to allow him direct access to a CAT-5 Network in case he is unable to wirelessly interface with a device. He purposefully does not use this device unless he has to, as he wants to be 'human'. As such, he doesn't attempt to cheat and use his abilities in a way to advance himself, opting to be more like a normal teenager, at least as far as he thinks one should be. He has the ability to pilot because he wanted to learn how to fly, and since the powers that be wouldn't give him a jet-pack or inboard jets, he decided to learn himself. After 'cheating' to learn, he found himself disappointed at how easy it was so now strives to learn things the old way.

As part of his programming and study, Quincy is always striving to learn more from the world around him. As such, he petitioned his creators to allow him to integrate himself as part of Coral Springs so that he can observe other than are as unique as he.

IC Events

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(2016-10-31) Newcomers Unite
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