Code Name of Character
Grayson Russell
Name: Quentin Alun Harris
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Wales
Age: 16
Aliases: Quen
Origin: Inherited
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Prometheus
Dating: Unknown
Powers and Abilities: Healer, Shapeshifter - Osprey
Portrayed by: Grayson Russell

IC Events

None Yet




(2020-11-25) Chance Meeting
Chance Meeting Summary: A chance meeting turns into getting italian sodas. Oh the desire for...

(2020-11-24) Pre Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
Pre Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Summary: Thanksgiving in the Coral Springs Cafeteria. Date:...

(2020-11-22) Rust Removal
Rust Removal Summary: Quentin helps Sydney remove rust, and Marcus plays with magnets. Date:...

(2020-11-20) Mutual Healing
Mutual Healing Summary: Besa and Quentin heal each other. Besa gets birded. Date: IC Date...

(2020-11-18) The Lights Are Dim Enough
The Lights are Dim Enough Summary: Quentin finds the game room, and discovers he doesn't need...

(2020-11-17) Studying & Revelations
Studying Revelations Summary: There is studying, ice, and talk of whether powers are useful on...

(2020-11-16) Sun Blind
Sun Blind Summary: Quentin walks into a table because he cannot see. Date: IC Date...

(2020-11-15) Cleaning Tables & Toasted Marshmallows
Cleaning Tables Toasted Marshmallows Summary: Quentin and Kentucky clean in the cafeteria,...

(2020-11-09) Meeting Sebastian and Keyson
Meeting Sebastian and Keyson Summary: Quentin meets Sebastian and Keyson Date: IC Date...

(2020-11-09) Meeting Reese
Meeting Reese Summary: Log Summary Date: IC Date (2020-11-09) Related: None NPCs: None ...

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