Real quick going to add a Questions and Answers page on the wiki, some questions have come up. We are trying to maintain balance, and in super hero games, we know this quickly gets out of hand with Hulks and Superman's, or Xaviers and Jean Greys.

If you have a question or concern, staff will gladly welcome such a question. Let us know if you think it would be good for everyone to know the answer and we'll post it here on this page.

Some of the abilities seem out of balance, is this being monitored?

Anything between two characters (players and NPCs alike), is handled by action skills alone. No matter what an ability seems like in the background skills section, everyone is balanced by only being allowed 2 action super skills and having the other two as 'virtual' weaknesses.

Some of them say nullify or invulnerable to everything …

Their defense is still related to the two action skills they have picked, and if you roll higher with your physical, you have beat their invulnerability or bypassed being nullified. Now, human level in super action skills is 0, so all those words are true against normal humans.

They have put these in their background skills to represent potential scaling of the ability for down the road. Like Nullify may only take out one power, with a couple points, one person or a few powers, a few more points a few people and so on. Or teleport could be the same, its self, but in 4-6 range they can take groups, 7-9 could be a house hold, up to city wide, and so on. The ones who further defined utility abilities in bg skills are planning to scale them down the road.

What is the scale, we've seen the FS3 page but its not entirely clear?

A quick line of reasoning, 1-3 is the birth of a power, low level things. 4-6 is competent and professional. 7-9 is the standard high end for most heroes in comics, 10-12 is the cosmic scale and deities.

Superman might be 8-10 on strength depending who is writing him. Captain America is probably all in the 5-7 range without his shield which would be something like a 8-9 item for its level of invulnerability to physical and energy type damage.

Most comic characters conceivably operate at low end professional to mid level veteran on the FS3 scale, with prime 'human' heroes being up to the 9 level. We went with 10-12 as being other worldly so characters could work there. It would take months of activity and singular focus on that one skill, but its conceivable.

What is the difference between a utility skill and a specific skill?

Some may have seen things like 'magic' or 'fabricate' that duplicates what could be single focus abilities in one net group. The main difference, a level 6 speed skill would be faster than a utility skill that includes speed. The best way to gauge this is to assume a limited bag of tricks at 4 or less, or if one wants, add up a few levels of other types of abilities to about 6 if that help gauge two.

How are classes handled?

Think of the school as being more liberal arts. Other than math, most other classes are elective style. If a student comes from a bad school, or wasn't schooled enough at home, there are remedial classes, but this is to get kids to above normal high school level in a college preparatory fashion. Older students do sometimes take college electives to start earning credits if they've shown enough amplitude.

There are a variety of topics offered but this is a small school, no more then a dozen, dozen and a half per grade. They day is set up closer to 6 (7 for the achieving) with longer than normal time per class. With fewer teachers and lower students:teacher ratio, some electives will be taught together in the classrooms. A few students in one classroom following a different syllabus arranged by the teacher. More directed at the student and their style than one set standard.

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