PrP Plot Guide

We're super heroes, we don't want folks bogged down waiting for the next staff event or metaplot to unfold. We want to encourage player run plots (PrP).

This is a quick guide to some ideas for running.

The standard rules for most comic mu*s apply here, if it doesn't affect meta, region, city, then you are free to run it. What does this mean? If no buildings in Shady Cove are damaged, you're free to run it. If it doesn't involve police (other than putting someone in jail at the end of said plot), the fire department, major official … you're free to run it. This is limited to Shady Cove, because it is a small town.

Want a weekend to New York City, or some other location, that goes awry? Have at it. Keep damage minimal. Anything beyond a little minor damage to a building may cause notice. Though, a building on fire itself that burns down would be less suspicious.

Feel free to deal with criminals, minor villains, natural disasters and the like.

The biggest rules are do not have something come to school without staff knowing about it. This includes the islands around the school, especially Paragon Island. Do not have something happen to Shady Cove, the city isn't that big to handle regular super hero things like New York City would be.

If in doubt, ask Isis on game, but usually you should be fine to run it. Even in doubt, run it, the worst that could happen is Faculty are upset and you have to do in trouble with faculty RP, maybe an adventurous detention even.

If we see multiple scene events going on for multiple people, we may reward players and plot runners with XP beyond the weekly norm.

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