Age Limit

By accepting our policies in the disclaimer room, you are agreeing you are at least 18 years of age. Should staff find otherwise, you will be removed from the game and may be site-banned.

While we require our players to be 18, we will be playing high school age children of the ages 14 to 19. 19 is our limit on seniors and we will not go below 14 no matter how genius the super genius/child prodigy may be.


Alts are allowed and encouraged. Please note that you can create an alt at any time, but staff will not review your alts unless your primary has been active in play for at least two weeks. We will limit alts to 2 total, and no two in the same year/age or on the same team as another of your alts.


Approval of characters should take no longer than a day or two, by all means prod one of the staff if the process has gone beyond 48 hours. Note that the head staffer normally does not play on weekends so some of the delay could be subject to his availability.


The basis of RP is that it is consent based – you do not have to participate in something if you do not want to. This does not preclude your character from being the recipient of adverse reactions to any chain of events you have willingly initiated or participated in, however. The standard ICA-ICC stands, you just do not have to RP out the sequence of events leading to the consequence.

If you have an issue that arises in RP, you are encouraged to attempt to work out resolution with the other player(s) involved. This is not a requirement, the staff understands and appreciates the potential anxiety this may cause some players and we are more than willing to mediate on a players behalf. Please note that staff receiving a request to mediate does not indicate right or wrong on the side of the person filing the request nor the other individual(s) being addressed and they reserve the right to work mutually with both parties to reach a resolution.


This will not be tolerated; be it age, sex, gender, race, ethnic or otherwise. Harassment in this case is defined as a continued behavior of one party against second party subsequent to the second party having requested the first party stop such behavior. This is a loose interpretation based on misunderstanding by the first party, but blatant acts of harassment (jumping on pub with KKK propaganda) will be dealt with more swiftly. Furthermore, bullying will not be tolerated as well.


Idle more than 30 days in CGen with no log in will result in idle reaping. Players are presently exempt from the policy. We're not demanding activity other than play when you can. This may change if we grow.


You are welcome to pose NPCs in your RP; in fact, more like encouraged. This is limited, if the NPC is established by another player or is a feature level NPC you may not play them. NPCs will be noted as feature when their information is listed. Use common courtesy, if you see someone else using an NPC in a public spot, such as a clerk at Mug Shot, still ask before you pose them too.


While we greatly want to respect your privacy, we cannot guarantee it. However, we will do our best to enforce it. If you are in a private room on the grid, we should have no reason to intrude upon your privacy and no staffer should come to your location without your prior consent. Likewise, as a player, please do not go poking into other’s private rooms, that’s just a matter of civil decency – both ICly and OOCly. Unless invited into a private area, don’t stick your head in to say hi. Please respect other players, don’t make staff have to intervene.


PrP stands for Player Run Plot and we encourage these. The only limit on these is if their affect is global in scale; this includes major changes to any factions or orgs that are in existence for the IC world as well as changes to Coral Springs, the archipelago islands or Shady Cove itself.. We’re not saying these cannot be done, in fact they sound rather interesting, just work with Staff as others might like to be involved (and should be). If its a PrP, it can stay to your group of friends.

Even if you can’t run a global scale, we’re certainly comfortable with pretty much anything else short of this global scale affect or the policy on NPCs.


We fancy ourselves as somewhere between PG-13 and R. Basically when in public or around unfamiliar players, and especially on chans, try to limit yourself to PG-13 in nature. With your friends, people you know, and in private, knock yourself out – literally it that’s your thing (including above and beyond R, just do not post this on our wiki, R is the limit we will tolerate on the wiki).


We are an original theme, OC super hero game. We do not want characters that are clearly an FC in a major comic, or a character from any comic for that matter.


What happens in the dark stays in the dark. We have no desire to control or police what happens in private. If your state/nation/city/etc. has some legislation limiting your on-line behavior, you are subject to following those applicable laws. Otherwise, help yourself to your imagination – just remember we are consent based, make sure the person you with is willing to participate.

The only rule we have on this is that TS should be limited to characters of age 16 and older and like most laws, consenting characters should be within 2 years age difference in such affairs.


Twinking-Power Posing-Meta Gaming – Spoofing

These are two areas of misconduct.

One is playing your character beyond the abilities represented on your +sheet. +rolling is not enforced, this is a consent based game, but this doesn’t give one leeway to have their character act beyond the game representation of their stats. Having decent martial skill and prowess doesn’t mean you have freeway to ninja the bajesus out of the royal guard and assassinate the Duke of DuggingDon; his personal guard is probably well trained, even if you do stand a decent chance of pulling it off, don’t assume if it’s questionable or other players are involved.

Two is forcing action on another character by way of power posing or spoofing. Power posing is the act of including the actions of another in your own pose; ie, Johnny swoops in to sweep Jane off her feet, she melts at his touch. You don’t know if she’ll melt at your touch, you just try to swoop her, most of the rest of this after swooping is power posing for Jane – she may not want to be so caught, and her affections could well be for Jim so she wouldn’t logically melt at Johnny’s touch. The second, spoofing, is the act of using @emit and other game code to pose another character. This is limited to PCs, the act of posing NPCs is covered in the NPC policy.

Don’t do either of these two, no one will appreciate and staff will intervene.


We want to have fun, we want our policies respected. We will be using a one warn system. If we find a policy broken or if someone comes to us with proof (a log), we will offer a warning. If a player has a warning but breaks another policy, we fully intend to move towards ban. No complaints about not knowing this. I am writing this policy before we even begin working on the mush code.

Banned/Restricted Concepts


Time manipulation. Luck/altering other chars outcomes. Because they use their dice, you use yours. Unless you have used this as explanation for something like high psychic to use against them, which they are either helpless against or have some defense, as there simply isn't a way to change another's build.

Demon/Angelic/Deity themed characters

Anime themed characters


We have seen a few too many of these.

Immortality/Rebirth/Reincarnation. These are fine, we've just seen too many. Remember we're comics, coming back is a common theme

Feline related chars (shifters, anthropomorphs, etc.) will be limited.

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