Some of us do like reading others logs, and we like seeing story arcs. This is a way to track your stories and plots on one page. Set up a page, choose a unique tag, tag logs involved and they will all go to the page you established for your plot.

Add a plot page

To create a new plot page:

  • Enter the name below, no special characters, use '-' for spaces.
  • Fill in the plot's general information into the template.
  • Use the rest of the page to detail the information.
  • Click 'preview' to make sure it looks right.
  • Click 'save' when finished.
  • New plots should appear on this page automatically.
  • Note that the new page will automatically have the 'plot' tag attached to it. You can add tags for your plot specifically.

List of plots


The Taksian Society
Overview: Mysterious superhumans seems to be constantly causing trouble around the students of Coral Springs High.
Dates: November 2016 - Until finished.
Runner/GM/Contact: Gabrielle/Button

Near Galaxies

Near Galaxies
Overview: The creation story discovery by Oliver
Dates: Ongoing for now
Runner/GM/Contact: Oliver or Poseidon

Hurrican Felicia

Hurrican Felicia
Overview: During 'dead' week at Coral Springs, a storm has hit close by.
Dates: Short term, a week or two
Runner/GM/Contact: Staff

Prom 2016, Career Day, Parents and Alumni Week

Log Title
Overview: One sentence overview
Dates: The range from completion to finish
Runner/GM/Contact: Who is the primary contact for this plot

Mean Streets

Mean Streets
Overview: There is more to the underworld than the underworld, Team Metis discovers the rabbit hole
Dates: Ongoing
Runner/GM/Contact: Poseidon

Creation Myths

Creation Myths
Overview: The question 'Where do I come from?' is rarely this complicated or dangerous.
Dates: April 2016 until it's finished (long burn plot)
Runner/GM/Contact: Tabitha


Unit 23
Overview: The ongoing exploration of Daxton's missing past
Dates: unknown
Runner/GM/Contact: Daxton or Akheilos

Unleashing Chaos

Unleashing Chaos
Overview: The repository for the focus of team missions for Athenian League …
Dates: Ongoing
Runner/GM/Contact: TBD

The Magic Flu

The Magic Flu
Overview: A magic bug has come to the school
Dates: A few weeks, give or take
Runner/GM/Contact: Poseidon

Reign of Dark Fire

Overview: Strange imps have begun to appear around the islands close to the school
Dates: Ongoing plot slowly developing
Runner/GM/Contact: Poseidon
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