Elena Kampouris
Name: Phoebe
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Virginia
Age: 15
Aliases: None
Origin: Uncertain
Grade: Freshman
Team: Undecided
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities: Shapeshifting
Portrayed by: Elena Kampouris

Phoebe is still learning about her powers and right now is unsure how she came to develop them. Was it a mutation brought on by puberty? It definitely wasn't anything involving a vat of chemicals or a super powered lightning storm. It can't be inheritance because her parents didn't have any powers. Or they must have been really good at hiding them.

IC Events

None Yet (if you want to wiki-fu a module to list logs, the code can be provided). This is extra writing presently to taste the parameters of this field in relation to the hanging box and see if I write too far that the box might cover up some of this text.


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