Mixed groups, organizations, and affiliations unique to our theme:

Coral Springs High

The high school for super children to attend, where they learn their power to be less dangerous to themselves and others. More in Coral Springs High.

Global League of Decency

Guardians of the Earth, an eclectic group of supers from all walk of life devoted to preserving life on Earth. The location of the Global League of Decency is known only to a few individuals.

School Teams

Coral Springs High is divided up into teams for the purposes of training and learning together. Not divided by class, these teams adhere to philosophies of the student body and take in students that share similar ideologies.

Aion Institute

A cutting edge scientific research facility that are dedicated to evolutionary discoveries. Having a wide range of researches as well as advanced technology. Physics, chemistry, physiology, and pretty much any type of science can be found here. The founders, the Elucar family, originating from Hallow Earth. With Warren Elucar and Marena Elucar having won the Nobel prize in Physiology/Medicine.

The Courts Royal

A ancient organization devoted to nothing less than the preservation of the universe. They operate in the grey areas of Earth and surrounding space to maintain peace and strengthen the barriers put up against an unkillable evil.

The Masters Family

A centuries old family, spread throughout the world, known for having powers and appearing both in the heroing and villain circles. More in The Masters Family.

The Helix Group

A notorious terrorist group responsible for the most devastating attacks in the last decade. They are believed to have been destroyed in 2009.

Thunderhead High

The premier school for supers in Russia is the Golova Groma Federal School.

+Unit 23
An experimental military group that has broken off from their creators. Currently stationed in Shady Cove.

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