Order Of Ares
Order of Ares
Ideals: Bravado, Daring, Action
Captain: Some Senior NPC …
Arena Fetch Captain: Felicia.
Faculty: Wild Weald

The Order of Ares believes in the work they are doing, but they do not believe in waiting so much as moving to action to accomplish what needs to be done. Unlike some of the others, they believe one must act no matter the cost. Even, in some cases, despite laws and treaties and international politics. Their lot is full of rebels and thrill seekers.

Literally the second team to form in the school. Its founding members realized that working with authorities and waiting to gain rights to act in certain situations was sometimes just too late to actually do the good they sought to do in the first place. This team was formed by decisive individuals who knew they had to act no matter what, before it was indeed too late. Some see the Order as reckless, but truly they are simply headstrong individuals who know what is right and that they must do it.

It seems to fill with those filled with bravado, the risk takers, those willing to gamble to accomplish what it is they set out to do. These gambles are sometimes big and dangerous, it takes the courage of members of the Order to accomplish them. Generally, members are wild natured, fun loving individuals. Shy they are not, and sometimes in class they are more outspoken than they have a right to be. Brash even.

Their team captain and the captain of their (hero sport team) is chosen based on ability and daring alone. There is a challenge held each year for incoming seniors and the winners of the various events tend to fill up the spots of the leaders of their team for the year.

Members of the Order
Alejandra (needs an icon).
Dylan (needs an icon).
Erica (needs an icon).
RILL (needs an icon).
Schuyler (needs an icon).
Vinny (needs an icon).
Whitley (needs an icon).
Arena Fetch Team
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