Megan Follows/Taron Egerton
Name: Oliver Matthew Blythe
Gender: Male (currently)
Place of Birth: Unknown
Age: 20
Aliases: TBD
Origin: Unknown ICly
Grade: Graduate
Team: Metis
Dating: Fionnaula
Powers and Abilities: Shapeshifting (human and animal), some energy deflection/absorbtion
Portrayed by: Megan Follows/Taron Egerton

Oliver has been at Coral Springs since he was a Freshman and tends to keep his background to himself…unless pressed. He's a shapeshifter and has been known to experiment with shifting into different people and animals as pranks, but they're all meant in the name of fun. He's a bit mercurial at times but does have his moments of calm, especially when he has his guitar and/or is outside looking at the night sky.

He's fairly vocal in that he's a City Kid and doesn't like doing 'outdoorsy' things such as sports, hiking, or camping.

As far as Oliver knows, his parents were uninterested in keeping him or unable to keep him — he's bounced about from Orphanage to Foster Home for most of his childhood. No relatives were found when he was dropped off at the doors of a Hospital when he was only a few months old. There was no note and brief investigations turned up nothing in terms of parents or a lost/abandoned child.

His first Foster home cared for him until he was around four or five and discovered that he could do things that other kids couldn't do…namely shapeshift to look different! His Foster parents weren't interested or capable of caring for someone with those particular talents, so he was sent back into the System in the hopes that he would find suitable Fosters who -could- help. The problem was, no one stepped forward.

Oliver quickly learned to hide what he could do and to experiment only when he was alone and after a couple more years, he was able to find another set of Foster Parents, but by this point, he had learned that the only one he could rely on was himself and that what he could do shouldn't be discovered by anyone. As he wasn't a particularly sullen kid, he had to hide this special talent from any he considered friends and it did keep him from getting too close to anyone. Most blamed it on his history of bouncing between Foster families.

It wasn't until he was about to begin High School that he was told that he didn't need to hide anymore. One of the Social Workers, familiar with Supers herself, recognized what Oliver was and contacted Coral Springs High School. Once he was of the right age to attend, she made sure to connect Oliver with the school in the hopes that he would learn to open up and become a hero to the world..//


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She's a lot of fun. Big personality and doesn't seem to care who knows it. Definitely my closest friend since I got here. From the beginning it felt like we've known each other for years!

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Roommate. So far so good.

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We were dating, but I think our differences were too great. That and he doesn't like girls. I still care for him and hope he can find happiness soon.

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Really sweet, really gentle, and really cute!

IC Events

Oliver's Logs


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