Name: Matthias von Zeiss
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Munich, Germany
Age: 43
Aliases: Human Nuclear Reactor
Origin: Hadron Collider Incident
Grade: {$grade}
Team: {$team}
Dating: Ex-Wife: Pulsar (Ava Aeschelman)
Powers and Abilities: Nuclear-Powered, Radiation, Advanced Armor that enhances strength, defense, and stamina. Possible functional immortality associated with atomic half-life decay.
Portrayed by: None

Character Info

In 2008, Matthias von Zeiss, ex-CEO of Concentrix International, was exposed to massive doses of radiation during an accident at the Large Hadron Collider facility in Geneva, along with his daughter Alexandra. His wife Ava Aeschelman saved his life by constructing an armored radiation suit that allowed him to contain and control the massive radiation emitting from his body, but Matthias' mind was also damaged and he fled to become the lethal supervillain Nucleon.

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