Jeremy Irvine
Name: Moritz Kreiger
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Somewhere in England
Age: 18
Aliases: Known Aliases
Origin: Mystic
Grade: 12
Team: Unit 23. Former Athena
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Mystic
Portrayed by: Jeremy Irvine

Little is known about Kreiger. This includes to himself and to others. He washed up on the shore of Karpathos, Greece approximately 6 months ago and had no memory of events prior to that appearance. There are no records of him in missing persons or genetic or fingerprint markers available within the networks. On Karpathos he was processed by the authorities and considered English due to his accent. He was subsequently deported to London where he would become a ward of the state and was placed within a foster home.

A month would pass and during that time he started to discover that he was different. Magic would be revealed. His innate ability to manipulate magic was quickly discovered and he was recruited by the Coral school where he would then be trained to become more than who he thought he could be.


(2018-04-10) The Hotel
The Hotel Summary: Unit 23 and students help in the securing of the Mandalay Bay Hotel while the...

(2017-06-20) Different Eyes
Different Eyes Summary: Fionnuala encounters Moritz in the school library, and gets to know him...

(2017-05-30) That's No Moon!
That's No Moon! Summary: A midnight practice session attracts a nosy bird. Moritz and Fionnuala...

(2017-02-09) Food for Thought
Food for Thought Summary: Several species of small funny animals gathered together in a...

(2016-11-11) Training Revelations
Training Revelations Summary: Gyda and Wojtek have a friendly spar, and Maya sates Gyda's...

(2016-11-04) Derek is a LIttle Dense
Derek is a LIttle Dense Summary: Derek meets Mortiz, Moritz meets Odina Date: 2016-11-04 ...

(2016-04-02) An Attempted Cure
An Attempted Cure Summary: Moritz meets with Diego to form a plan to cure the Green Measles...

(2016-04-01) My Eyes Are Up Here
My Eyes Are Up Here Summary: Moritz meets Stefanie in the Medbay. She doesn't blow him up. ...




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