Ryan Potter
Name: Micah Silverton & Amasis
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia & Egypt
Age: 15
Aliases: Amasis
Origin: Blessing From Bast
Grade: Freshman
Team: Undecided
Dating: n/a
Powers and Abilities: Cat Form & Magic
Portrayed by: Ryan Potter

"I know the truth of many things."

A cat in a man's world….

Born in Ancient Egypt, Amasis was born into the service of Bastet as a temple cat. As with all temple cats, Bastet granted certain gifts to all of her cats. After several incarnations, Amasis has taken the form of Micah. However, there was an issue with this rebirth. Micah has lost his cognitive organization of hundreds of lifetime's of memories and he is stuck in the form of a child instead of an adult. Now he is without direction or a task given by Bastet.


  • Micah arrived and enrolled into Coral Springs High.



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