Krysten Ritter
Name: Maya Walker
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Boulder, Colorado
Age: 15
Aliases: Psion
Origin: Born this way
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Metis
Dating: HA!
Powers and Abilities: Telepathy, Psychic Construct, Telekinesis (Minor)
Portrayed by: Krysten Ritter

From Boulders, Colorado, Maya has had a pretty twisted upbringing full of deceit, lies and manipulation. It is rumored that her family had sent her to some military camp or had her shipped to a merc group or even sold to a villainous team. Whatever it was, she is here now with some hazy memories and a desire to put the past behind her.

IC Events

A relatively new student who entered this year, not much can be said about Maya except that she seems pretty chill, except for the occasional problems with authority figures and some deep-seated trust issues. She has finally joined the Consortium of Metis.

IC Hooks

  • Apparently Maya is quite interested in investigating mysteries and uncovering the hidden, if you need anything found or researched on foot, she's your girl. Hell, some say the only time she seems to care is when there is something new to discover.
  • The Flynn and Busters (aka The Filibusters): A grey but known 'Military Contractors' or legal mercenaries that works for the US Government in providing mutants for 'contract jobs' overseas. Maya is a product of one of their illegal side projects in which they were creating sleeper agents in 'gifted' children, under the guise of 'after school special classes' without the parents knowing. Part of the group of children? Part of the Filibusters with the intent on bringing back their lost 'projects'? Heard of them and want to know more? All things are possible.



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