Matty Arbuckle III
Nick Robinson
Name: Matthew William Arbuckle III
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: New Hampshire
Age: 15
Aliases: Caper
Origin: Genetic Mutation
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Metis
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Terrakinesis and Earth Sight:
Portrayed by: Nick Robinson

Matty is a young man who stands 6' tall with dark hair that parts unevenly down the middle and hangs to the middle of his neck. His hazel eyes sit beneath eyelids that are permanently sleepy in a way that seems to always smolder with intensity. He has low cheek bones and a modest square jaw. He is usually wearing jeans and a simple, plain Tshirt if he isn't in school uniform. He's also nearly always in sandals.

Matthew William Arbuckle III is the son of a prominent United States senator from New Hampshire who is a staunch proponent of legislation to regulate and supervise people with powers. He is the namesake of the Arbuckle Bill, which designated millions of dollars toward research into how best to provide oversight for the problem of superpowered individuals. He was less than pleased when his son Matty ended up having powers.

The Arbuckle family fortune was made in the 1950s through the Arbuckle Food Center grocery store chain, with locations still found all over New England. Matty lived a fairly normal upper-class life during most of his childhood, wanting for nothing and experiencing lavish travel and luxurious privilege. When Matty was 12, a robbery was stopped in one of their stores by a superhero, and in the process, the store was destroyed and ten innocents were killed. His father left his role as CEO of the family business for politics to try and help curtail the problem of unregulated superheroes.

Matty was an alright student, but he excelled at soccer. So much so, in fact, that he hoped to play professionally. Unfortunately, Matty was in a small plane crash when he was 13 while flying with his father to D.C. His leg was crushed and never healed fully, leaving him with a limp that made soccer no longer possible.

Spending a lot of time in the hospital and in rehab institutes, he took up podcasting. At first, he hosted a show about Star Wars, and it did fairly well. When he was 14, however, he began to discover he had special powers. There was no singular event of significance - it just kind of happened slowly over a few months. Afraid of how it would affect his father, Matty kept his powers hidden. He did, however, change his podcast interest and began hosting a new show about growing up special and hiding it, called "Secret Powers." He disguised his voice to hide his identity, and the show went viral.

Unfortunately, a few months ago, Matty's powers were discovered by his mother. There was a family meeting, and the decision was made to uproot Matty and send him to Coral Springs, keeping his powers a secret from the public to not affect his father's political career. It also got him away from two parents who have no love for super powered people, even Matty.

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