Marilou Beauchamp
Mariloup Wolfe
Name: Marilou Beauchamp
Gender: Characters Gender
Place of Birth: Quebec
Age: 18
Aliases: Loulou / Supply
Origin: Unknown
Grade: Junior
Team: Unaffiliated
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Object Relocalisation
Portrayed by: Mariloup Wolfe

The Fabulous, the Miraculous, the Extraordinary Marilou ~!

Psss, heh, you… Yeah, you… I've got just the right thing for you… A got dose of… P-A-R-T-Y ~!!

Born in Quebec Canada, Marilou is one of the new girl at the Coral Springs. Always with a smile on her lips and a carefree attitude, she's generous and has an obvious French accent. She's not hard to spot, constantly wearing colorful clothes and unique accessories borderline or crossing the dress code. Rumors say that she was transferred from a jail in Canada and ended up making quite a turmoil there before she left. No one really knows why she was there or what she has done for it, but Marilou never really dismissed the rumors, nor did anything to confirm them either.

Marilou is everyone's little demon voice inside their head. Except she's real. Submit to temptation. You know you want to.

IC Events

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