Michael B. Jordan
Name: Marcus Alvin Douglas
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Washington, D.C.
Age: 15
Aliases: NA
Origin: Alien heritage
Grade: Freshman
Team: Ares
Dating: Eww! Gross.
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities: Enhanced Hormones
Portrayed by: Michael B. Jordan

Marcus gets his powers from his family tree. His family tree gets them from having roots on another planet. Marcus' mother is an emigrant from a distant planet who has opted to settle here on Earth, even having found love and a family. (Un?)Fortunately, it's been discovered that her alien DNA has had an interesting affect on her half-human son: his hormones give him super powers. As soon as he hit puberty, the change became obvious. And, per her agreement when she was allowed to move to this planet and this country, Marcus is attending Coral Springs so he can be monitored and learn about his abilities in a safe environment.

IC Events

  • 9/14/2020 - Started attending Coral Springs

The Peoples

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Met this girl while I was on my way to the island. She seems really cool and pretty interesting. She sure knows a lot about music! The fact that she's on my team means I had a friend from my very first day, so things are certainly looking up!



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